Daisuke Sato 5

Daisuke Satō
-Anime Arena missions

I have a few missions for you. Can you help? For each task you perform for me, you will receive a reward, usually money or a weapon or item. See anything you're capable of?
Name Rank Reward Requirement Mission
Demonic Invasion B 720 G
None TBA...
Pirate Attack B 750 G
Knives (3)
None Stop pirates attacking a local ship at the Crimson Sea.
Missing Princess C 610 G None Enter Mount Magma and save the Princess of the Shadow Lords, Yui Kato.
Missing Commander S 3000 G
Demonic Blade
Devil's Shield
Heaven's Blade Enter the depths of Hell and rescue the Commander of the Spiritual Army from the Demons. Daisuke will assist you in battle.
Herbs Needed D 250 G None Reach the top of Mount Magma and attain Medical Herbs.
Win a Duel A 900 G Sword/Knuckles (any) Defeat an ally in a sparring match.
Win the Golden Tournament B 800 G
Gold Knuckles
None Win the finals of the Golden Tournament.
Missing Cat D 200 G None Save a woman's lost cat in Azure Forest.
Sword of Fire S 1350 G
Sword of Fire
Demonic Blade Attain the Sword of Destiny from Hell.