The role-playing portal of Funeral Bell Wiki is a place where users can create original pages for characters, locations, etc. and storyline role-play on the wiki's chat.


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Oshiro, the current commander and overseer of Hell, begins to invade the human world with an army of demons and generals. A special affiliation of people born with superhuman abilities, known as the Hellraisers must help stop this war from commencing to insure posterity and to make sure the two worlds do not intertwine. They must tap into their inner strengths and train in order to master and max out their capabilities to prevent anybody from getting hurt.

Current ArcEdit

Shirokage Arc


Creating a CharacterEdit

Main article: Project:Character Creation

In order to role-play, you must have an original character to role-play with. It must first be approved by an admin, to insure the page adheres to standards and is not considered "god-modding". The character can be based on an anime or video game, or it can be completely original.


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