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Policies and guidelines have been developed on Funeral Bell Wiki to further our goal of creating a freely editable fandom database.

Policies have community consensus and apply to all editors. Funeral Bell Wiki strives to create a welcoming and fun environment for those who are civil to and assume good faith in others, seek consensus in discussions, and work toward the goal of creating an increasingly comprehensive database about everything in the Avatar universe.

Policies need to be approached with common sense; adhere to the spirit rather than the letter of the rules, and be prepared to ignore the rules on the rare occasions when they conflict with the goal of improving the wiki.

What are our policies? Edit

Content Interaction User rights Requests for rights

Where do our policies come from? Edit

Generally, Funeral Bell Wiki policies come from one of two sources:

  1. From a standard or good practice that has been followed subconsciously for some time because it is common sense and has become an established precedent.
  2. From a deliberate proposal by a user or a group of users, usually from a forum discussion. Such proposals must achieve full community consensus before being formalized as a policy.

Most of the policies that fall under the first category are derived from similar practices on other wikis.

Attribution Edit

Majority credit of many of these policies were written and created by the administrators of Avatar Wiki, as well as Wikipedia. Credit to the chat rules go to Bleach Wiki. The Manual of Style was primarily built off of that of Bleach Fan Fiction Wiki.

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