This page lists the formerly featured characters.


Daisuke Sato 3

Daisuke Satō (佐藤大介? Satō Daisuke) is a brutal swordsman and a member of the Royal Guards, as well as the Anime Arena administration. He has since been distinguished as being a deadly, blood-thirsty warrior, not to be bravely encountered. He is the former captain of the Eleventh Division, later being promoted to be a Royal Guard. He was nearly exiled from Gotei 13 after being tried for the death of Captain Commander. He succeeded with being found not guilty and the crime went unpunished as they could not find enough justification that Daisuke killed him. He is currently the fourteenth Kenpachi, having killed the twelfth Kenpachi. His title in the Royal Guards is the "Dark Wielder" (ダークワイルダー Dākuwairudā). As of the present, he has the most strategic Zanpakutō‎ of any Kenpachi yet... (Read More)


My custom tamaranean character 2 copy

Ashlynn or "Andyand'r" is a cross breed mix of Tamaranean and Metahuman DNA. She became FriezaReturns 1st RP character on October 15th, 2013 imported also on October 15th, 2013. Unlike her primary universe counterpart , this Ashlynn was sent into Funeral Bell's Universe instead. Due there not being much of a difference except for Saiyans and some slight changes towards it's solar systems, she accepted the change, simply shrugging off it's species. Even becoming a member of the Hellraiser affiliation. Born into a Universe of superheroes, Ashlynn was raised by her Tamaranean mother and her Metahuman father. Her father named her "Ashlynn" but by her mother in Tamaranean language, her name is translated as: "Andyand'r." The early years of her life (going from childhood to late teens) for the most part was spent equally on the homeworld of Tamaran (learning Tamaranean physiology, honing her skills as one of the unusually fierce warriors of legends like The Warlords of Okaara) and on the Earth(mostly for her friends as well as her studies on meta-humanism). (Read More)

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