Funeral Bell Wiki
Owner Yuzura
Wikia Inc.
Formed August 15, 2013
Purpose A database where users can post fan fictions, roleplay, or socialize.
A site for fans to enjoy!
Administration Yuzura
Arishok Frieza

Funeral Bell Wiki is a wiki-based resource and community site dedicated to fan fictions, role-play, and other originally made stories and characters.

The main goal of Funeral Bell Wiki is to create a community site for members to share their views, opinions, fan fictions. and stories about various series on a social website.

Background Edit

Who founded Funeral Bell Wiki and when? Edit

Funeral Bell Wiki was created on August 15, 2013, by Yuzura.

Who is the leader or webmaster of Funeral Bell Wiki? Edit

Hosted by Wikia, Funeral Bell Wiki does not, and will never have a member who has the final word in community decisions, or any semblance of formal authority. Community decisions are the responsibility of all members, made by consensus through discussion. However, for maintenance and moderation purposes, Funeral Bell Wiki has a group of administrators, who are experienced members of the site entrusted with additional tools.

Who designed the theme, home page etc.? Edit

If Funeral Bell Wiki is not run and hosted by a single person, then it is logical to ask who is responsible for the front-end look and feel of the site. As Funeral Bell Wiki is a wiki, a number of people collaborated to provide Funeral Bell Wiki's current designs. The current theme (mainly a matter of choosing colors and CSS customization) was designed by Yuzura. The graphic wordmark was created by Yatalu. The current home page was created by Yuzura.

Contact Edit

If you wish to contact a specific individual on Funeral Bell Wiki, or if you are looking for help around the site, the following users are experienced and can be consulted.

Administrators Edit

  • Yuzura
  • Arishok Frieza
  • Chat Moderators Edit

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