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Demon's Blade
Demon's Blade
"Kill... just kill."
General Information
Genre Action
Rating M (for violence)
Chapters TBD
Language American English
Original Run August 18 - Present
Writer(s) Yuzura
Editor(s) Yuzura

Demon's Blade is a fan fiction series written by Yuzura.


Eighteen year-old high-school student Hikari Fujimoto overhears the plans about a conspiracy of an affiliation of violent swordsmen planning to take over her region. She knows she will have to kill them all off before they do so using her master's teachings of swordsmanship. She initially intended to never use these skills to take a life, but she knew she had no choice. She later finds out about the affiliation of the Fifty-One Swordsmen. She must fight and kill each individual swordsmen to protect the ones she love.


Main CharactersEdit


  • Hikari Fujimoto:
  • Kenji Nara:
  • Ayumu Kyokotsu:
  • Ryuji Matsumoto:


  • Yuzuru Baki:
  • Azami Ryo:
  • Shikoku Fujikawa:


  • Per the author, this series is widely inspired by the video game, No More Heroes.